Headphone amp

Jut added an Audioengine D1 to my setup. This makes such a difference, the sound quality is so much better than using either the Steinberg CI2+ headphone output, and it also leaves the output from my Macbook Pro in the dust. Granted, I’m using an AKG – K-701 which is notoriously tricky to drive, but this little DAC / Headphone amp does it really well.

Most of you will know that I am quite an active contributor to Wikiloops, which involves download mp3 tracks and adding additional stems, and I really had a hard time hearing the previously recorded tracks – with the Audioengine D1, this problem is now solved.

Only downside is the it takes only the small 1/8 ” mini plug size (3.5 mm), but with the appropriate adapter it will also drive headphones that use the larger 1/4” plug, like the AKG K-701.