Common Hammond Drawbar Settings

DescriptionUpper ManualLower ManualBassComments
Jimmy Smith88800000080800000070Percussion: On, Soft, Fast, Third
C3, Leslie: slow
Rock, R&B88880000084800000070Percussion: Off
C3, Leslie: slow, fast
Simmering830000378Percusion: Off
VC Off, or C3, Leslie: Fast
Mellow803600000Percussion: Off
No VC, Leslie: alternate slow/fast
Shouting668848588Percussion: Off
VC: Off, C3
Leslie: alternating slow / fast
Whistle888000008Percussion: Off
C3, Leslie: fast for solo, slow for comp

It is important to note that no Hammond sounds the same, so to get the desired sound you may have to adjust the drawbars slightly from the settings shown above. Especially on wax-cap Hammonds, which can sound more muted, you may want to add some more treble (higher drawbars).