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Better Drive in Logic X for a real Hammond

In a previous post I explained how to use the Rotor plugin and the Overdrive to add a bit of drive and Leslie emulation to a real Hammond while recording on Logic Pro X. Further along experimentation with this setup, I’ve ditched the Overdrive plugin, and have switched to using the Distortion II / Growl Distortion Light as a¬†favourite driver for the Rotor Leslie emulation. This gives a very convincing bit of dirt to the sound. Here’s an example:

Shooting The Breeze - Rock jam session
Wikiloops track 64805
jmrukkers on keys jamming with Weazle on drums

What Now My Love

This is what happens when you add a Saturn synth driven by a guitar through midi to a Hammond tonewheel organ: Bliss!

What now my love (guitar synth) - Rock jam session
Wikiloops track 63298
PaulFellows on guitar jamming with jmrukkers on keys, Lenny Cowler on drums, Rickplayer on bass and akethesnaker on guitar