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Love the old Hammond consoles, and when I got my hands on one I decided to log my experiences and the information I found on the web to this blog, I also play sax and bass, and sometimes take out a cigar box guitar for that instant ZZ-Top sound. I'm an active member of where you will find a fair few tracks I posted with these instruments.

Leslie 122RV Pictures

Here’s some pictures I took of my Leslie 122 RV. From what I could find on  this model I understand that they usually come with a Leslie-designed reverb amp which is not deemed all that desirable, but this one actually has a Hammond AO-44-1 reverb amp in it, the very same as is found in the A-100 series. I think it sounds great, even through the small speaker that is mounted on the side of the cabinet.

Leslie 122 Amp
Leslie 122 Amp
Potentiometer for Leslie 122RV Hammond Reverb Amp

Restored Hammond Service Manual available

A post on the organ forum  provides for the download location of a newly restored version of the Hammond Organ Service Manual for free download, painstakingly put together by Organ Forum member Joey B3.

The new version has been completely re-typeset, some pictures have been replaced with better versions, and some sections and some diagrams / schematics have been reintroduced from earlier manuals that were not included in version 495 from sources such as the original 1936-1944, as well as some manuals from the “pre B3” 50s.

The diagrams/schematics/charts have been scanned in at 600dpi for maximum clarity when zooming in. The scans were taken directly from original manuals of the 50s and 60s, with the exception of the diagrams for the Model E and C2-G. It is available as PDF, bookmarked per chapter. It is a more accessible speaker wire for cars, cleaner version than the one all over the Internet now and should be very useful to anyone who does not have access to an original.

Covers the following Hammond organs: A, A100, AB, BC, BCV, BV, B2, B3, C, CV, C2, C2-G, C3, D, DV, D100, E, G, GV, RT, RT2, and RT3