What Now My Love

This is what happens when you add a Saturn synth driven by a guitar through midi to a Hammond tonewheel organ: Bliss!

What now my love (guitar synth) - Rock jam session
Wikiloops track 63298
PaulFellows on guitar jamming with jmrukkers on keys, Lenny Cowler on drums, Rickplayer on bass and akethesnaker on guitar

Overdrive using Neo Vent II on my A-100

A very satisfying heavily driven sound by using the vent drive at about 3 o’clock and using pedals to thicken the drive and the sound significantly when compared to just using the manuals.

Jaggy - Rock jam session
Wikiloops track 61867
jmrukkers on keys jamming with Keiton on bass, Keiton on sequencer and Keiton on guitar